A Look Back in Time:Memoir of a Military Kid…Vol2

The second book in the series, “A Look Back in Time…” is scheduled to be released soon. An announcement of its release will be sent to you if you Sign Up on the website. The author apologizes for the delay, and promises you, it will be well worth it. Copies will be sold on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

Book 2 in Series

  • An excellent chronicle of the life of a great father and his son. Bernard has captured the true essence of being part of a military family in the late 1950s in Germany. Through his eyes, we take “a look back in time” filled with adventures of hope, peril, leadership challenges and triumphs. I am sure this book will provide a connection for young men and women, who travel life’s journey as members of our proud military families.

         – LT Colonel Rodney E. Pitts, United States Army (Retired)